EuroTrip 2000

If you're reading this page, you probably know that I travelled through Europe for two months in the middle of 2000. In fact you probably met me there.

I took a whole lot of photos as a I went - not all good photos mind you, but some of them are OK. And lots of them had the people I was travelling with in them.

So when I got back, I sat down and wrote out what each photo was of, and who was in it, with the intention of putting it up on the web soon afterwards. Life being what it is, I didn't get around to it for quite some time (to put it lightly :), but I've finally got some web space and some time to do something with it, so here they are. Just in time for Christmas :)

The thing about other people's photos is that they can be really boring. I know that I've been forced to look through the snaps of well-meaning relatives, and how quickly I get sick of it. However, most people are always interested in photos of themselves (if only to say: My nose looks so big in that light!). So I've made a little search thing where you can look for photos of yourself! How about that folks.

However, if you want to get an overview of where I went, or you want to start from the beginning and see them all (you'd have to be very keen!), you can still use the trip index.

If you want to look up just the photos of you, type your first name here

The name you type in should be the name (or nickname) that I knew you by. e.g. if your name is John but you called yourself Johnny then that's what you should type (if you typed just John then you'd get the few of me). And if you called yourself two 'first' names then type them both in. Strangely, I didn't meet two people with the same first names, so that's all you need to use.

Disclaimer: I'm not completely certain that I got everyone's names right. And I tended to include people if I could recognise them at all, rather than being a specific shot of them, so some photos might just be the back of your head... but anyway, you will see what you get.

Note: Due to the huge size of all these photos, they're not going to be around on this site forever. So if you find a photo you like then you should save it to your own computer.
Also note: There were a few photos from the start and end of the trip without people in them that I didn't upload, so some of links might be broken. 95% of them are OK 'tho. Last updated 22-12-2001 by John Dalgliesh